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Bob Marley’s badge's dream collection.

Ваагн Карапетян

Форма: Рассказ
Жанр: Перевод
Объём: 1955 знаков с пробелами
Раздел: ""

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(на английском)

Bob Marley, or Robert Nesta Marley, the world-renowned musician and composer, was born in Latin America, in Caribbean, on February 6th, 1945 in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Bob Marley died on May 11th, 1981. His death, a grief to many thousands of fans, never influenced his popularity. On the contrary, he is still loved and revered by many of his fans. Now new generations not just listen to Bob Marley’s music. They admire it. None has ever surpassed Bob Marley in reggae.
But Bob Marley had a passionate dream, which sadly never came true and which is seldom remembered now.
His father Norval Marley, a Royal Marines officer, was a passionate collector. He possessed the largest, at his time in the Caribbean and South America, collection of badges. And he wanted his son to be also interested in them. And although he didn’t live long with Bob’s mother Cedella Booker, he always remembered his son, visited him and helped him financially. During their short meetings he always spoke of his badges collection, told of and sometimes showed new items.
Neville Livingstone (later known as Bunny), Bob’s friend, would often tell how Bob admired his dad’s collection of badges. Same said Joe Higgs, who helped Bob Marley to record his first single "Judge Not”, in a letter to his girl-friend.
Moving to US to his mother, who had married again, Bob Marley met and later married Rita Anderson. Marley settled in her small cottage and to his surprise found a large collection of badges in her possession, some of which he knew from his father’s items.
It was then and there that an idea of organizing a "Bob Marley Club” came to him. The club could include rock music fans who owned a hundred or more badges.
But music, that governed his fate, soon drew him back to his homeland – Jamaica, where he organized a new band – The Wailers, which was the beginning of his artistic up and took Bob Marley to an inaccessible height of world fame.

© Ваагн Карапетян, 2016
Дата публикации: 28.01.2016 20:29:27
Просмотров: 1073

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