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The secret of Marlon Brando`s youth

Ваагн Карапетян

Форма: Рассказ
Жанр: Перевод
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Рецензии и отзывы
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На ангглийском

Well-known American actor Marlon Brando came out of the mall with two bags of goods and headed to his car, parked nearby. He was almost at his car when he heard somebody shouting his name: "Marlon !”. He turned and to his surprise saw Jack Nicholson his best friend and a Hollywood` colleague.
Unfortunately because of the busy schedule last time they saw each other a couple of years ago. Jack rushed to his classmate and hugged him.
"I’m so glad to see you”, he said gasping for breath.
"So am I”, smiled Marlon and easily put his heavy bags on the bonnet.
"You look amazingly young,Marlon! I can’t recognize you. Last time, if I’m not mistaken, we met at a tennis-court. And I can tell you the difference is striking.
"I know, they tell me”.
"You mean, that’s not just my perception, but a real picture, if people keep telling you?”
"I guess”, Marlon shrugged his shoulders.
"What do you take? Pills or some mixture? Come on, tell me”.
"I don’t take anything. I lead my life as usual”, sighed John.
"But what’s the reason? In two years you look 10 years younger. No, I don’t envy you, I’m just happy for you. But could you tell me, perhaps it would help me as well. You know, I got married, my wife is young and beautiful. You know, I need it right now”.
"I don’t use anything, really. I even feel uncomfortable speaking of it. A couple of years ago I saw a backward clock in a boutique. I bought it just for fun”.
"So what? I have seen such a clock, but haven’t paid attention. I thought it was a toy. And it’s difficult to determine time”.
"Nothing difficult, well, for the first two days perhaps”.
"Ok, you bought it, then what?”
"What then? In a couple of days I felt a burst of energy”.
"Spooky! This clock doesn’t give time to your life, but instead takes it from you?”
"Looks like that, Jack”.
"Fantastic. But what is a clock, that mixture of metal and plastics, got to do with your biological life?”
"Can’t understand that myself. You know, I didn’t get on well at school. But you can see the result. Obviously that has something to do with psychology, something like that. By the way, half a year ago I read a news report about a well-known psychologist’s research. Families that don’t use wall clocks live longer”.
"I think I have read this too. And what, do you try to spend more time in a room with the clock?”
"Man, the clock is cheap!”, exclaimed Marlon. "They’re in every room and corridor in my flat. They hang even in my bathroom!”

© Ваагн Карапетян, 2016
Дата публикации: 30.01.2016 13:05:50
Просмотров: 1206

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