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Unfinished badges

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"Bobby, get here right away, Im losing my mind, muttered an altogether downcast John Kennedy, threw down the receiver, and passing the Oval Office went into the rest room. A half-empty bottle of Scotch stood on the coffee table with several cut-glass wineglasses covered with a napkin. John grasped the bottle and took several mouthfuls of fiery drink. Carelessly he spilt some whisky on his shirt. John smiled sourly, rubbed the stain and, throwing off his shoes, stretched himself on a sofa.
A light cold touch on his cheek woke him up. His brother Robert was bowing over him.
"Bobby, finally, John stretched himself and, putting on his shoes, sat up on the sofa. "She called again. All in hysterics. She said she ordered badges, where we make, well, you know 5 thousand pieces. I dont understand, when she took photos. Or was it paparazzi that helped her. She ordered a company to distribute the badges on the street, by mail, who knows. Anyway, a disaster. Do you understand that its the end for all the Kennedies?
"Of course, I do. Well have to stay away from politics for a long while. She calls Jacqueline constantly and threatens her.
"Go to her. We have to find out where the badges would be produced, and then who and how would distribute them. Something has to be done.
"With her as well.
"I guess. Im fed up with her. Fine, go, act according to the situation. Dont look for me, decide by yourself. I have two more meetings today: MacNamarra has some suggestions on Cuba. And Charles arrived, brought a letter from the Queen. That would take a lot of time.
Robert stood up, tapped his brothers shoulder and saying "Itll be ok left the room.
Marilyn Monroe happened to be at home, which was quite a rare occasion. She has just received a call from the Presidents brother Robert Kennedy. He said he would drop by to tell of some tempting thing, so she decided to clean her living-room. Flying happily around she began putting things scattered on the floor on their proper places. Someone rang at the door. Marilyn threw her lilac blouse on the floor and rushed to the door. When she saw Robert on the doorstep she fell in his arms. Robert freed himself with difficulty from her embrace and closed the door. They went to the living-room. Marilyn kicked the blouse and sat in the armchair by the coffee table. She nodded Robert to sit opposite her.
"Marilyn, you know how I feel about you. So I decided to personally inform you of my brothers decision: he has prepared an official statement that he would not run for the second term, and would divorce Jacqueline and marry you after the first one.
"But thats so long to wait, frowned Marilyn.
"Well, Marilyn, you know, the President has so many obligations! Be wise. As far as I know, you are not bored. You have such contracts, the latest one, for example, for a million dollars!
"What does this have to do with it?
"Have patience, little fool, Robert stood up and straightened the coverlet. "Be wise. He might resign his commission before the appointed time. And you would marry sooner. Its all getting to that.
"He will be mine!
"Hes already yours, smiled Robert. "No need to see me to the door. Ill close it myself.
He bent over Marilyn, kissed the tip of her nose and went towards the exit. He wide-opened the door and, making sure Marilyn didnt follow him, let in a heavily-built man. He sneaked into the flat and stood still in the hall.
Several people, not counting the bodyguards, were waiting for Robert outside. Dick Morrison, a grey-haired ex-criminal investigations officer, came to Robert. "Only one company ordered more than three thousand half-finished products for badges over the last three days- its called XXXXX.
"Thats good. Have a talk with the owner, Im sure hes no fool. Take the half-finished products, all of them. Ill be waiting on the 115 Street. And be careful, no shadowing.
Robert Kennedy went to his car, the guards hastily closed the door behind him, and the Rolls-Royce disappeared over the corner with a sharp turn.

A truck with an inscription "Half-finished products for souvenirs: badges, magnets, cups and t-shirts running across it stopped by the entrance to the office of the XXXXX company. The driver unloaded several large boxes and rang the bell.
The door opened at once, as if someone was eagerly expecting the delivery. A red-haired man, rubbing his hands with pleasure, signed for delivery and waved his hand to the truck.
At that moment Dick Morrison appeared and showed the man his certificate.
"How much have you asked for making these badges?
The man grew pale: "The woman didnt bargain, so I raised the cost a bit.
"How much?
"I asked for 5 thousand, and she agreed without hesitation.
"Here is 10 thousand, Dick produced a bundle of money, and without counting handed it to the company owner. "Im sure you have recognized her
"Right, it was difficult not to.
"She has just committed a suicide, and there are reasons to suspect you are involved in her death. So its to your benefit to forget the whole story. Do you understand?
"I do, of course! the red-haired man shook with horror. "Ill be as silent as the grave.

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