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My Dream

Фрида Шутман

Форма: Стихотворение
Жанр: Стихи на иностранных языках
Объём: 18 строк
Раздел: ""

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To E. R.

When I was a child I had a wonderful dream,

That dream was for me like a bright sun beam.

I used to watch many soccer matches

And I imagined myself to have great catches.

My dream was for me as bright as a sun,

I thought that it was the way to have fun.

But it was also hard to break a thick wall

Cause my family didn`t support me at all...

Days passed, weeks and years ran away

But I didn`t give up and tried in my way.

My friends were with me at my long path to win,

They helped me a lot and I am finally in!

Now I play soccer games every day

And there`s nothing for me that doesn`t let me to stay -

To be in a perfect and steady sport shape

And now I watch all my moves by the tape!


© Фрида Шутман, 2022
Дата публикации: 27.05.2022 20:16:07
Просмотров: 128

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