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Владислав Эстрайх

Jolly Oskar

Азачем Азачемов

Форма: Стихотворение
Жанр: Юмористические стихи
Объём: 39 строк
Раздел: "Чуждое"

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Рецензии и отзывы
Версия для печати

on the occasion of the retirement of a friend*)

Eight years like a day
Have gone, unnoticed, by.
We’d rather he would stay,
Yet, this is our “Good-bye”.

Time’s up, the tide is high,
The wind’s about to turn.
A jolly steady guy
Stands on the restless stern.

When tons of sweat were shed
And times were bloody tough,
That guy, who never fled,
Would face it with a laugh.

The worst and hardest task
On him would always fall.
But why? – someone may ask.
We guess because he’s tall .

All troubles from afar
Could see his silhouette,
Because he parked his car
And rode a bicyclette.

From others he would hide
His bruises and his cuts.
We only saw his pride,
His wisdom and his “guts”.

His office offered calm
To many tired boats,
Administering balm
To crying souls and throats.

When all the bags are packed
And all is said and done,
Remains a simple fact:
- It surely WAS good fun!

May he be “home and dry”
Back in his fishing bliss
A jolly human guy
Whom we are bound to miss!

© Азачем Азачемов, 2009
Дата публикации: 23.12.2009 23:02:25
Просмотров: 1992

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